The Maronan Deposit is an exploration buffet, offering potential mining of adjacent Lead-Silver and Copper-Gold resources from shared infrastructure.

Lead-Silver mineralisation occurs within a series of strataform lenses within the Mount Norna Quartzite. The Lead-Silver mineralisation is interpreted as a Broken Hill-type deposit and bears strong similarities to South 32’s Cannington Deposit, located approximately 90km south of Maronan. Unlike Cannington, Maronan is mostly hosted in carbonate facies rocks (marbles) and is steeply dipping, less metamorphosed, less structurally complex and remains open at depth (drilling has shown mineralisation continues to at least 1300m below surface)

geology 1

A: Bornite-pyrite mineralisation in the Copper-Gold Zone (271 – 272m) B: An 10cm band of deformed massive sulphide (mostly galena) in the Western Horizon zone (290 – 291m). C: Strong galena mineralised zone with carbonate gangue from the Eastern Horizon (360 – 361m). D: A zone of massive sulphide (galena-pyrrhotite) in the Eastern Horizon zone (377 – 378m). Drill core diameter for A & B is HQ3 (63.5mm) and for C & D is NQ2 (50.6mm).

geology 2

A: Galena mineralisation in the Western Horizon (333 – 334m) B: Galena-sphalerite mineralisation (334 – 335m). C: Sphalerite – galena mineralisation (335 – 336m). D: A zone of massive sulphide (galena-pyrrhotite) in the Western Horizon zone (321– 322m). E: Galena mineralisation within pyroxene facies Western Horizon (340-341m). F: Galena mineralisation in pyroxene facies on the Eastern Horizon. Drill core diameter is NQ2 (50.6mm)

Between the main stratiform horizons, a steep plunging, pipe shaped, silica-pyrrhotite rich body occurs with hosts the copper-gold. This style of mineralisation has strong affinities to nearby Copper-Gold deposits Eloise and Jericho which are interpreted as being part of the Iron-Sulphide Copper Gold (ISCG) suite of deposits. Drilling has intersected this style of mineralisation to 1250m below surface, and at depth the system appears to blow-out and may form a bulk-mineable resource.

geology 3

Example of pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite mineralisation from 1268.5 to 1280.8 metres in MRN14004W1 (left). Stronger interval of chalcopyrite from 1206.5-1206.8 metres (right). Refer Table 1 for visual estimates. Drill core is NQ2 diameter (50.6mm).